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What is happening with chocolate?

Chocolate production and consumption is undergoing profound changes. The seemingly endless expansion of the chocolate shelves at your local food store is only the visible side of the deep metamorphosis happening to the aging chocolate industry.  Heavily relying on new technologies at all levels, every player involved in the chocolate chain needs to adjust to new realities. The large international companies are finding harder and harder to obtain cocoa beans in volume and at prices they like. Farmers are frustrated to be living at or under poverty levels even twenty years after the advent of “Fair Trade”, and consumers are increasingly demanding “authentic” products providing cocoa sensations while respecting people and nature. At the same time, new hardware is being manufactured that allows passionate chocolate lovers to start producing their own chocolate. 

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Chocolate Mousse


  • 200 Gr. of dark chocolate 65% to 70% cacao

  • 50 Gr. Of fresh cream

  • 100gr. Of milk

  • 8 eggs


  • Two dinner spoons of Honey or Maple syrop

  • Half an espresso coffee cup


  • A large pyrex bowl

  • A small pan

  • A salad bowl

  • An egg-beater


Start by making Ganache:
  1. Break the chocolate in pieces and place in a pyrex  bowl. Set you microwave oven to 60% of its strength
  2. Melt the chocolate in microwave and open to stir approximately every minute
  3. Mix the milk and cream and heat in a pan or also in the microwave (in a glass container, never heat plastic). Add the optional ingredients in this mix.
  4. Once the chocolate is fully liquid, pour the milk/cream by small increments and while mixing with a spatula
This produces a rather liquid Ganache.
In a large bowl, separate the 8 whites of the eggs and beat until it is a solid white “snow”.
Wait for the ganache to cool down (below 40 Celcius). Then, incorporate the 5 of the 8 yokes  by mixing with the spatula.
Finally, pour the chocolate mix into the beaten whites and mix gently with a large spatula.
Cover the mousse with an air-tight plastic foil and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours (24 hours is better).
For added pleasure, serve with shortbread or yogurt.
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Think of a Ganache as an emulsion, just like a mayonnaise. The goal is to mix two components that are not supposed to mix - chocolate,  which is fat, and a liquid - Although

Soft Ganache

This type of Ganache is well suited to use as the filling of chocolate

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