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Zaabar Noir amandes


Maker Zaabar
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Klassic Noir Amandes
Cacao percentage Between 56% and 65%
Country of purchase Belgium
Origin of bean Unspecified
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in Belgium
Dimensions 13x13 cm
Total weight 110 Gr.
Ingredients The Zaabar chocolate is packed vacuum immediately after its production. This tehcnique is the only one to guarantee the perfect food values, natural flavors and freshness of the product during its lifetime.

Sugar with good chocolate


Cacao Flavor Strong
Sugar Flavor Very Strong
Roasted Nuts Strong
Bitterness Moderate
Tasting Experience This Belgium specialist maker produces a wide range of chocolate and mixt products. Opening the square and elegant vacuum sealed package reveals a strong chocolatey flavor. Then the sugary armoa hits. The texture is pleasant and thanks to the almonds has some sofness. While melting in the mouth the high level of sugar gradually takes over the pleasant earthy cacao aroma. The after is strong in sugar with a lingering feeling of the raosted nuts. Overall, an OK experience that sugar lovers will appreciate.
This bar is Good
Over All Rating ( 6.6 )

Aromas ( 5 )

Texture ( 8 )

Presentation ( 8 )

Uniqueness ( 6 )


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