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Vosges Reishi mushroom


Maker Vosges - Haut Chococlat
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Super Dark
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase United States
Origin of bean Unspecified
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in United States
Dimensions 20 x 8 cm
Total weight 85 Gr | 3 Oz
Ingredients Darl chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lethicin, reishi mushroom, walnuts, sea salt
Maker's comments Uper food + Dark chocolate. Our all-natural Super Dark collection comnibnes deep, dark chocolate with fellow super food ingredients, resulting in heathfullydecadent "Haut-Chocolat"
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Sweet medical


Sugar Flavor Very Strong
Cacao Flavor Moderate
Acidity nonexistent
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness nonexistent
Tasting Experience Positioned more as a "super food" and anti-stress remedy than a chocolate pleasure, this bar is not your average fine chocolate. The flavours on opening are sweet (despite the high cacao percentage) and are more reminiscent of medecine than cacao. Once the crunchy walnut texture melts in the mouth, what I suppose are the mushroom aromas, come out but are subdued by the walnuts and the sweet chocolate. The after taste is rather short and mostly sweet. Overall, an unusual experience that will be appreciated by tasters who are satisfied by the medical claims.
This bar is To fight hunger
Over All Rating ( 6.5 )

Aromas ( 5.0 )

Texture ( 6.0 )

Presentation ( 8.0 )

Uniqueness ( 9.0 )


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