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Semi-sweet – Scharffen


Maker Scharffen Berger
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Dark Chocolate - Semi-sweet
Cacao percentage Between 56% and 65%
Country of purchase United States
Origin of bean Unspecified
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in United States
Total weight 9.7 Oz | 275 Gr.
Ingredients Cacao beans, Sugar, Cacao butter, Non GMO soy Lecithin, whole vanilla beans
Maker's comments Our 62% cacao semisweet chocolate is a well-rounded blend excellent for all your baking needs. With soft notes of citrus and honey overtones, it has a perfectly balanced flavor profile.Our distinctive chocolates are created using the world's best cacao beans blended in small bacthes on vintage European equipment. To see how far we go to make the world's richest, most flavorful chocolates visit

Sweet bitterness


Fruitiness Strong
Bitterness Moderate
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Acidity Moderate
Eating it The package delivers a nice fruity and earthy flavor when opened. The large block isn't easy to cut and is best shaved. The chocolate melts nicely in the mouth continuing to delliver the fuitiness enhancing it with a sweet aroma. The after taste is of the same flavor and long lasting. Overall, a great chocolate.
Cooking it This large bar isn't easy to cut and therefore measure for cooking. However, it is easy to shave. The producer doesn't provide tempering instruction but the 62% cacao make it easy to figure-out the crystalization temperature is around 45 Celcius. As a well balanced bar, this is perfect for as unique chocolate source for cakes, and all sorts of pastries. It produces serious cacao flavor withhout excess bitterness.
This cooking chocolate is Very Good
Over All Rating ( 4.5 )

Aromas ( 5.0 )

Presentation ( 7.0 )

Uniqueness ( 7.0 )


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