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Republique Dominicaine


Maker Francois Pralus
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Republique Dominicaine
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase France
Origin of bean Dominican Republic
Bean Variety Trinatario
Made in France
Dimensions 18x8 cm
Total weight 100Gr | 3.5 Oz
Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, pure cacao butter, GMO-free soya Lethicin
Maker's comments The Dominican Republic is one of the largest producer of organic cocoa beans. All three varieties of cocoas are grown there, Criollos, Trinatarios and Forasteros.The beans that are used in our Dominican Republic bar, are sourced from an organic crop dealing mainly with Trinatarios.
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Gentle strenght


Sugar Flavor nonexistent
Cacao Flavor Strong
Acidity Moderate
Roasted Nuts nonexistent
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness Strong
Tasting Experience Another great chocolate from Francois Pralus. Opening the typical 100Gr. bar delivers a gentle mix of fruity cacao and wood aromas. The texture is well balanced betweentoo creamy and too rugged and delivers soft aromas while melting. A hint of soft spices, typical of Trinatarios, can be identified as well as earhty notes. The after taste is long and gentle like the whole experience. Overall, this is a very good bar that will please discerning taste buds attracted by fruitiness rather than bitterness.
This bar is Very good
Over All Rating ( 7.9 )

Aromas ( 7 )

Texture ( 9 )

Presentation ( 8 )

Uniqueness ( 8 )


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