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Nutmeg – Agapey


Maker Agapey
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Nutmeg - Agapey
Cacao percentage Between 56% and 65%
Country of purchase Barbados
Origin of bean Unspecified
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in Barbados
Dimensions 20 x 8 Cm
Total weight 100 Gr 3.5 Oz
Ingredients All natural roasted cocoa beans, natural gold cane sugar, nutmeg, cincmon, ginger
Maker's comments Remember the taste of the West Indies by indulging in spicy cacao with real nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. All natural and pure. From bean to bar.

Sophisticated spiciness


Sugar Flavor nonexistent
Cacao Flavor Strong
Acidity Moderate
Roasted Nuts nonexistent
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness nonexistent
Tasting Experience The overwhelming aromas coming out when opening the elegant box and double inner foil is nutmeg. Then Ginger can be felt. While the somehow grainy texture melts in the mouth, these flavors are joined by notes of cinnamon. The cacao aroma takes a back stage but essential role in the delivery of these subtle sensations.This bar manages to avoid the common pitfall of spicy chocolate, which is to be so spicy that the chocolate does not exist. Here, the dosage is perfectly done to allow the nutmeg to enhance the cacao and then when its presence is weaker, the ginger takes over and finally the cinnamon. The after taste is mostly chocolatey and not spicy, which I consider a good thing. Overall this a very good bar. It will please slightly adventurous and experience taste buds that appreciate off the beaten track experiences.
This bar is Very good
Over All Rating ( 7.4 )

Aromas ( 7.0 )

Texture ( 6.0 )

Presentation ( 9.0 )

Uniqueness ( 9.0 )


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