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Noir 75%


Maker Alter Eco
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Noir
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase France
Origin of bean Peru
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in France
Dimensions 19x6 cm
Total weight 100 gr| 3.5 Oz
Ingredients Cacao paste,sugar cane, cacao butter, natural vanilla
Maker's comments Un chocolat pas comme les autres. Le cacao de cette tablette provient de la cooperative Acopagro, situee en plein coeur de l'Amazonie peruvienne dans la region de San Martin. Rodolfo est producteur de cacao au sein d'Acopagro. Pour lui, la qualite du cacao passe par les soins apportes aux cacaoyers. Decouvrez l'ensemble du projet a l'interieur. This company produces in Switzerland and focuses on the cacao grower and organic material from Peru

Good as chocolate


Cacao Flavor Strong
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness Moderate
Tasting Experience Opening this definitely black chocolate delivers in weak but promising chocolatey and earthy flavour. The bar breaks nicely and melts slowing in the mouth. There, the chocolatey aroma grows together with a hint of fruitiness. All very pleasant, however too weak for my taste. The after taste is equally pleasant and long. Overall, a very good chocolate but missing in strength and complexity of taste.
This bar is Good
Over All Rating ( 6.2 )

Aromas ( 6.0 )

Texture ( 6.0 )

Presentation ( 7.0 )

Uniqueness ( 6.0 )


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