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Myanmar Dark Chocolate


Maker Ananda Cocoa
Chocolate Bars
Product Name 72% Dark Chocolate
Cacao percentage 72%
Country of purchase Myanmar
Origin of bean Myanmar
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in Myanmar
Dimensions 19 x 8
Total weight 100 Gr
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar
Maker's comments Our family started our cocoa plantations in Karen and Tanithary States in 2003. Since then we have been growing the best cocoa trees in the world under natural forest shade, strictly organic. In our chocolate Laboratory in Yangon, we follow the traditional and artisanal methods, slowly grinding our cocoa with granite stone for more than 24 hours to ensure the highest quality of chocolate. We are happy and proud to produce the first chocolate made in Myanmar using the country's own coca fruit.

Robust cacao flavors

Sugar Flavor None
Cacao Flavor Very strong
Acidity None
Roasted Nuts none
Bitterness strong
Fruitiness None
Tasting Experience Opening the simple foil once the thematized wrapper in undone, immediately delivers a strong cacao aroma. The rather dark and well tempered bar breaks with a nice snap. Once melting in the mouth the chocolatey flavor is re-inforced further and joined by earthy sensations mixed with woody notes. The strong cacao feelings remain all around to produce a long chocolatey after taste. Overall a great chocolate experience in a pleasantly artisanal presentation.
This bar is Very good
Over All Rating ( 8 )

Aromas ( 8.5 )

Texture ( 8 )

Presentation ( 7 )

Uniqueness ( 9 )


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