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Madagascar Amano


Maker Amano
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Madagascar
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase United States
Origin of bean Madagascar
Bean Variety Unspecified
Made in United States
Dimensions 12.5 x 5.3 Cm
Total weight 56gr | 2 Oz
Ingredients Cacao beans, pure sugar cane, cacao butter, whole vanilla beans
Maker's comments The quality of chocolate is influenced by time and place. Flavor changes with the seasons and is intricately tied to the soil and climate .Criollo cacao trees were brought from Venezuela to the Island of Madagascar. We craft this chocolate from beans from the offspring of theses trees. The mild chocolate character comes from the trees'Venezuelan heritage. The hints of citrus come from Madagascar's soiland climate and are unique to beans from Madagascar. The marriage results in an extraordinary chocolate you will love.
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Velvety fruitiness


Cacao Flavor nonexistent
Sugar Flavor Moderate
Roasted Nuts nonexistent
Bitterness nonexistent
Fruitiness Very strong
Tasting Experience The scent of this chocolate is complex, with tones of fruit and fall colors. At first smoky, when tasted the flavor blooms into notes of cherry and ripe raspberry. As the initial waves of fruit subside, the finish is that of a mellowing citrus, ripened blood orange, and lemon blossom. A long finish, this chocolate has little to no acidity, and is not overly sweet. As it melts, the mouth feel is velvety, without grain or harshness. Nothing detracts from this selection, it is an excellent chocolate.
Acidity Moderate
This bar is Excellent
Over All Rating ( 8.6 )

Aromas ( 8 )

Texture ( 9 )

Presentation ( 9 )

Uniqueness ( 9 )


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