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Island Growers – Saint Lucia -Hotel


Maker Hotel Chocolat
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Island Growers - Saint Lucia
Cacao percentage Between 56% and 65%
Country of purchase United Kingdom
Origin of bean Santa Lucia
Bean Variety Trinatario
Made in United Kingdom
Dimensions 20 x 8 cm
Total weight 70gr.
Ingredients Cacao solids (cacao mass), sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin, Dark Chocolate minimum 65%
Maker's comments A quick and intense flavour burst slowly opens up to reveal multilayered notes of raisins, figs, tobacco, honey and grapefruit. There is a hint of wildness bout this chocolate, which we wanted to retain. Conching 96 hours (4 days) enabled us to do this. Our 120 hour conch version (5 days) of this recipe makes an interesting comparison.

Multi-flavoured Trinatario


Cacao Flavor Strong
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness Very strong
Tasting Experience This is one of my favorite. A wonderful and rare experience of strong fruity flavours enhanced by a touch of bitterness but no acidity at all. The gently shiny bar breaks with a clear snaps. Thanks to the extra conching time the delivers strong flavours in a gentle texture. The chocolate melts slowly but at the ideal speed to deliver, first the fruitiness, then a hint of roasted nuts which languish in your mouth, supported by a weak bitterness. The after taste is both fruity and long. This is a unique high pleasure expereince
This bar is Sublime
Over All Rating ( 8.2 )

Aromas ( 9.0 )

Texture ( 7.0 )

Presentation ( 7.0 )

Uniqueness ( 10.0 )


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