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Chuao Hotel


Maker Hotel Chocolat
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Chuao Hotel Chocolat
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase United Kingdom
Origin of bean Venezuela
Bean Variety Criollo
Made in United Kingdom
Dimensions 120x8cm
Total weight 70Gr 2.5 Oz
Ingredients Cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cocoa butter) sugar
Maker's comments Prima Dona with talent. She's good and she knows it - an interplay of cream and caramel with malt and raisins, raost nuts and plenty of elegant poise. Company Slogan: Join us in our world of edible luxury

Complex good


Sugar Flavor nonexistent
Cacao Flavor Strong
Acidity Moderate
Roasted Nuts Strong
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness Moderate
Tasting Experience The uniqueness and reputation of the "Chuao" Venezuelan cacao bean make it a special event to taste this bar. Opening the "Hotel Chocolat" vertical box and wrapper delivers a complex mix of cacao, bitterness and fruitiness. When melting in the mouth, the creamy and pleasant texture delivers a succession of aromas going from roasted nuts to fruity raisins or prunes and hints of tobacco, with a pervasive soft cacao bitterness enhanced by a shadow of acidity. The after taste is not very long but remains full of many sensations and signs-off with short acid note. Overall a rare experience for sophisticated chocolate lovers.
This bar is Excellent
Over All Rating ( 8.9 )

Aromas ( 9 )

Texture ( 8 )

Presentation ( 9 )

Uniqueness ( 10 )


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