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Chuao – Amano


Maker Amano
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Chuao - Amano
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase United States
Origin of bean Venezuela
Bean Variety Criollo
Made in United States
Dimensions 5.5x13 Cm | 2.2x5.2 In.
Total weight 56 Gr | 2 Oz.
Ingredients Cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole vanilla beans.
Maker's comments The name “Chuao” is spoken with reverence. It symbolizes the world’s most coveted cocoa and its source. For centuries, the farmers of Chuao have faithfully grown this native Venezuelan Criollo coca. They ritually harvest and ferment the beans, then sun-dry them in front of their historic church. Once they reach us, we gently hand roast and stone grind them, turning this exalted cocoa into one of the world’s finest chocolates. It is pure passion, pure tradition, pure love – pure Chuao.
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An incredible chocolate!


Cacao Flavor Strong
Sugar Flavor Moderate
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness Very strong
Tasting Experience This unThis unique "Chua" Criollo bean has amazing characteristics. When opening the wrapper a bouquet of scents are immediately identifiable. With fruitiness the overriding sensation, come some sweet notes with nuts and berries aromas. All these are enhanced while the perfect texture melts in the mouth. Coffee and tobacco came to mind as well with light sweetness. The after taste is long and chocolatey with persistent fruity notes. Overall, an incredible experience.ique "Chua" Criollo bean has amazing characterics. Opening the
Acidity nonexistent
This bar is Sublime
Over All Rating ( 9 )

Aromas ( 9 )

Texture ( 9 )

Presentation ( 9 )

Uniqueness ( 9 )


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