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Chocolate con leche and pistacho


Maker Unspecified
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Chocolate con leche and pistacho
Country of purchase France
Origin of bean Peru
Bean Variety Unspecified
Dimensions 6x12cm | 3.6x5 In
Total weight 50gr | 1.7 Oz
Ingredients Refined sugar, pure cacao paste, powerdere whole milk, Cacao butter, pistachio
Maker's comments Milk chocolate with Pistachio

A pistachio bar


Cacao Flavor Moderate
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Sugar Flavor Very Strong
Tasting Experience The overriding aroma escaping when opening the wrapper, is pistachio, then sugar, then cacao. Because the high content of sugar and milk, the bar breaks very softly. The texture is creamy with the pistachio nibs creating a crunchy feel. The high content of rather good quality pistachio makes the bar more of a pistachio delight than a chocolate delight. The taste is of sweetness and pistachio. The after taste is weak and essentially sugar with pistachio. Overall, a good pistachio product, a forgettable chocolate content.
This bar is To fight hunger
Over All Rating ( 5 )

Aromas ( 3 )

Texture ( 5 )

Presentation ( 7 )

Uniqueness ( 7 )


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