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Cacao Grenada


Maker Agapey
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Cacao Grenada
Cacao percentage Between 66% and 75%
Country of purchase Barbados
Origin of bean Grenada
Bean Variety Trinatario
Made in Barbados
Dimensions 20 x 8 cm
Total weight 100 Gr | 3.5 Oz
Ingredients Natural roasted cocoa beans, natural sugar cane, natural cocoa butter.
Maker's comments Indulge in rich, luxurious chocolate made from the finest coca beans sourced from the best cocoa regions. All natural and pure. From bean to bar.

Chocolatey Caribbean


Sugar Flavor nonexistent
Cacao Flavor Very strong
Acidity Moderate
Roasted Nuts Strong
Bitterness Moderate
Fruitiness nonexistent
Tasting Experience This is a great example of earthy cacao chocolate. The aromas escaping from the high class box are primarily cacao and roasted nuts with hints of tobacco notes. The very dark shiny bar breaks with the clear "snap" expected from good tempering. The texture is slightly grainy, adding an authentic feeling but slowing down the delivery of the gradual chocolatey aromas mixed with nutty flavors enhanced by a low level of acidity in an overall cacao sensation. The after taste is long and chocolatey, with no creamy or sugary notes. Overall, an excellent chocolate that will attract tasters in search fo strong cacao sensations and slightly rugged texture.
This bar is Excellent
Over All Rating ( 7.4 )

Aromas ( 7.0 )

Texture ( 6.0 )

Presentation ( 9.0 )

Uniqueness ( 9.0 )


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