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Bali milk chocolate – Akesson


Maker Akesson s
Chocolate Bars
Product Name Bali milk chocolate
Cacao percentage Between 31% and 45%
Country of purchase France
Origin of bean Bali
Bean Variety Forastero
Made in France
Dimensions 9.5x9.5cm|3.75x3.75I
Total weight 60Gr | 2.1 oz
Ingredients Cacao (45%), organic coconut blossom sugar, milk powder, pure cocoa butter, GMO-free soya lecythin, fleur de sel (1%).
Maker's comments Together with Big Tree Farms we support in Bali the preservation of traditional farmers through the development of social, ecological and economically sustainable supply chains. Our bars are the first Bali Single origin ever made in Europe. The cocoa is produced by the Sukrama family over 7 Hectares in the western part of the island. This chocolate holds a caramelized flavour resulting from the use of natural sugar produced from the juice of coconut blossom, harvested by gently slicing the flower. Once collected, the nectars are kettle-boiled into a thick caramel and ground to a fine crystal. With one of the lowest glycemic index (3 times lower than sugar cane), this sugar is a great and healthy match to our Balinese fleur de sel.

Great milk & cacao mix


Cacao Flavor Moderate
Sugar Flavor Moderate
Roasted Nuts Moderate
Fruitiness Strong
Tasting Experience Although a milk chocolate, this bar delivers a chocolaty flavour when you open the wrapper. There is none of the sugary aroma that you find in "traditional" milk chocolate. The chocolate is indeed sweet but of a very soft type. The sweetness does not overtake the chocolate flavour. I couldn't identify the salty part, but it must enhance the delicate balance of the bar. The after taste is long and still chocolatey rather than sugary .Akesson is right to emphasise the coconut sugar. This is what makes this milk chocolate a great bar, even for chocolate lovers hooked on dark and bitter chocolate bars.
This bar is Excellent
Over All Rating ( 8.7 )

Aromas ( 9 )

Texture ( 8 )

Presentation ( 9 )

Uniqueness ( 9 )


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