An exquisite extra-ordinary surprise!

This recipe conceived by the world renowed Frecnh chocolatier “Jean Paul Hevin” is presented in detailed in his book “Best of Jean Paul Hevin” . It may look difficult to do, but it is not really, provided you have the ingredients:

For the inside:

  • 50 Grm of chestnuts
  • 1.1 Kg of white chocolate
  • 360 Grm of fresh cream
  • 180 Gram of Roquefort cheese
  • A hint of pepper
  • A hint of thym

For the dipping:

  • 700 Gram of “couverture” chocolate
  • Cut Chest nuts


Grind the chestnuts and put the powder in a salad bowl with the white chocolate cut in small piece or large flakes.

In a pan mix the fresh cream with 40 Cl of water (.8 pound) , the Roquefort cheese, the pepper and thym. Bring to a boil and mix gradually with the white chocolate and chestnuts. Use a large spatula (maryse) to turn until an homogenous mass is reahced. At that stage spread this mass looking mass on a flat metalic board and place in a cool place (16 dgree C | 60 F) for 1 hour. Now put it back in a salad bowl and mix it further to give it a dough looking texture. Prepare a square with a frame (rulers) over a sulfurised paper or a cilycone sheet and spread the white “dough” in a thin layer of approximately 1 centimeter (0.4 inch) and place in the fridge during 2 hours minimum

Melt the 700g (1.5 pound) of dark chocolate and temper (see tempering chococlate) . Take the whiet Ganache out of the fridge and carefully spread a thin layer of tempered chococlate on it. Once it is dry and hard, turn over and spread an equally thin layer on the other side. Then cut the ganache into squares of 2.2 cm (0.85 inch), using a sharp knife slightly warm.

Start dipping each square in the tempered chocolate using a dipping fork. Finally, before the chocolate cools down spread a few crums of chest nuts on top. Place in a cool place – but not in the firdge – during 6 hours minimum. Then enjoy!!!

These bonbons would keep approximately 2 weeks in a dark and dry place at 18 degrees C (60 F) or less.