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Vegan mousse 100% cacao

This chocolate mousse is made of 2 ingredients: Chocolate and water, the rest is in the skill... I must confess that it took more than one attempt to obtain an enjoyable result..... The principle: It is based on the chemical fact that mixing a mass containing 34% fat and water, creates a stable emulsion. So,


Think of a Ganache as an emulsion, just like a mayonnaise. The goal is to mix two components that are not supposed to mix - chocolate,  which is fat, and a liquid - Although the liquid is often fresh cream with some flavor, it can be any liquid. Fruit juices are an obvious alternative.

Tempering chocolate

Why is this necessary? If you simply melt chocolate and let it cool down on its own, the resulting chocolate will likely: Lack shiny appearance Be soft when broken Rapidly have white color traces appearing This will be due to the cacao molecules not being "aligned" because they will have cooled down gradually. The process

Melting Chocolate

The Micro wave method The goal is to obtain the chocolate in an homogeneous liquid paste and at a temperature not exceeding 50C or 120F. I recommend using a micro wave because the worst ennemy of chocolate is water. Any small amount of water in the chocolate and this will trigger an emulsion and make it

Chocolate mousse

Ingredients: 200 Gr. of dark chocolate 65% to 70% cacao 50 Gr. Of fresh cream 100gr. Of milk 8 eggs Optional: Two dinner spoons of Honey or Maple syrop Half an espresso coffee cup Tools: A large pyrex bowl, a small pan, a salad bowl, an egg-beater. Process: Start by making

Soft Ganache

This type of Ganache is well suited to use as the filling of chocolate tarts or as the inside of chocolate bonbons. Because it is covered or hold by a stronger "envelop" it is softer than the one used for Truffles or chocolate dips. The quantities of chocolate vary depending on their proportion of

Chocolate Tartelette

The crust In order to create a pleasant texture and taste, the crust must be crunchy but not too dry. I recommend to create a dough with almonds. Ingredients: Flour: 350 Gr or 12.3 oz Almonds: 60Gr or 2.1oz Butter: 180gr or 6.4 oz Fine sugar: 120gr or 4.2 oz 1 egg (preferably

Hot chocolate

A hot chocolate drink with creamy texture, strong flavors and a long lasting after-taste is easy to make. It is also easy to adjust to your special taste. Ingredients: 6 to 7 dinner spoons  of dark chocolate palets 60% cacao or more 3 dinner spoon of Whole powdered milk 1 dinner spoon of Soya

The Tastes of chocolate

Due to the Cacao beans'characteristics derived from a mix of their genetics, the soil that fed them, the weather during the tree's life and the processes they went through, each bar is unique. It may have just a few flavors but strong and very satisfaying ones, or it may have a multitude of aromas

Chocolate powders and alkalinazation

Around 1825, once his father had designed a press that could extract the cacao butter from the cacao mass, leaving a dry cacao cake, the duch chocolate maker Coenraad Johannes van Houten developed a process consitsing in washing the pulverised chocolate cake with a potassium solution (Alkalin solution). This process is now called "Ductching".

Cacao producing countries

Interesting data : Ghana has now been widely overtaken by Indonesia. This is the result of the 2 facts, Indonesia is increasing its production and Ghana is slwoing down its output because of an unstable political climate in the region for some years, which led to a lack of investment in plantations. Despite ist

Cacao producers

A large and very disparate crowd Although it is estimated that 5 million households in the world farm cocoa for money, there are about 45 to 50 million people involved in the global chocolate trade. About two third of cocoa beans are produced by small farmers earning less than $1000 a year from it.

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