Interesting data : Ghana has now been widely overtaken by Indonesia. This is the result of the 2 facts, Indonesia is increasing its production and Ghana is slwoing down its output because of an unstable political climate in the region for some years, which led to a lack of investment in plantations. Despite ist size, Cameroon has overtaken Brazil. This, also is the result of two opposiet factors, the witches’ broom desase has reduce Brazil production and has benefited form the unstability in West Africa (Ivory Coast and Ghana). The Domican Republic produces now more than Peru and its beans are usually of higher quality.

Top Cocoa Bean Producers: 2010
Area Production (Int $1000)
Côte d’Ivoire 1,290103
Indonesia 877,134
Ghana 656,362
Nigeria 373,855
Cameroon 274,240
Brazil 244,448
Ecuador 137,184
Togo 105,406
Dominican Republic 60,579
Peru 48,407
Source: Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations – 2010