Why most humans like Chocolate?

"98% of people love chocolate and the remaining 2% is most probably lying", such was the answer from a famous Chocolatier when asked if the chocolate attraction was Universal. Wine has alcool and yes, a lot of interesting flavors that stick on our taste buds and mix well with food. Meat has the softness on the tongue mixed with a gentle texture. Cheescakes have this mouthful feeling of freshness mixed with fruity flavors.shower-cacao-01

What is it with chocolate?

Chocolate has the complexity of wine, the softness of meat, the many flavors of sweets, the filling feeling of cream and provides a long lasting flavor on our tongue. Cacao has a a high content of fatty components that melt at slightly different temperatures releasing a succession of flavors that integrate with the next one.

This complexity is one of the reasons we appreciate good chocolate.

What makes a chocolate good or bad?

As the saying goes " All tastes and color are in nature". Which means that you like what you like and do not necessarily need someone to tell you what you like or should like. However, there is a consensus on some characteristics that are particularly sought after:

  • A multiplicity of cacao flavors that are strong and evolutive in the mouth
  • An absence of acicidty (but bitterness is OK)
  • A balanced structure - not too fine, not to grainy
  • Long lasting cacao flavor

The rest is up to your own feelings and sensations. Like life itself, all sensations are personnal.....