Chocolate mousse



  • 200 Gr. of dark chocolate 65% to 70% cacao
  • 50 Gr. Of fresh cream
  • 100gr. Of milk
  • 8 eggs


Two dinner spoons of Honey or Maple syrop
Half an espresso coffee cup


A large pyrex bowl, a small pan, a salad bowl, an egg-beater.


Start by making Ganache:
  1. Break the chocolate in pieces and place in a pyrex  bowl. Set you microwave oven to 60% of its strength
  2. Melt the chocolate in microwave and open to stir approximately every minute
  3. Mix the milk and cream and heat in a pan or also in the microwave (in a glass container, never heat plastic). Add the optional ingredients in this mix.
  4. Once the chocolate is fully liquid, pour the milk/cream by small increments and while mixing with a spatula
This produces a rather liquid Ganache.
In a large bowl, separate the 8 whites of the eggs and beat until it is a solid white “snow”.
Wait for the ganache to cool down (below 40 Celcius). Then, incorporate the 5 of the 8 yokes  by mixing with the spatula.
Finally, pour the chocolate mix into the beaten whites and mix gently with a large spatula.
Cover the mousse with an air-tight plastic foil and place in the fridge for at least 4 hours (24 hours is better).
For added pleasure, serve with shortbread or yogurt. 

Chocolate Bonbons with Roquefort cheese

Best of Jeran-Paul Hevin

An exquisite extra-ordinary surprise!

This recipe conceived by the world renowed Frecnh chocolatier "Jean Paul Hevin" is presented in detailed in his book "Best of Jean Paul Hevin" . It may look difficult to do, but it is not really, provided you have the ingredients:

For the inside:

  • 50 Grm of chestnuts
  • 1.1 Kg of white chocolate
  • 360 Grm of fresh cream
  • 180 Gram of Roquefort cheese
  • A hint of pepper
  • A hint of thym

For the dipping:

  • 700 Gram of "couverture" chocolate
  • Cut Chest nuts

Process to make the cheese Ganache:

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Soft Ganache

This type of Ganache is well suited to use as the filling of chocolate tarts or as the inside of chocolate bonbons. Because it is covered or hold by a stronger "envelop" it is softer than the one used for Truffles or chocolate dips. The quantities of chocolate vary depending on their proportion of cacao.


  • Chocolate - If 70% dark 330gr or 0.7 Pd- If Milk chocolat at 40%, 450G or 1 Pd
  • Fresh cream - 300 Gr or 0.7 Pd
  • Honey 30Gr or 0.1 Pd or to your taste
  • Flavor (Coffee, Thym, Laurel etc..)
  • Butter 60Gr or 0.2 Pd


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Creamy chocolate mousse - no eggs

This is a special recipe for pure veggy chocolate lovers. This Creamy Chocolate mousse does not include any eggs.


  • 350Gr ( 12.5 Oz) of dark 64% cacao chocolate
  • 250 Gr ( 9.0 )z) of whole milk
  • 500 Gr (1 pound) of liquid cream
  • 4 Gr (0.15 Oz) of gelatine or Agar Agar


First, melt the chocolate either by double bath or microwave. In pan bring the milk to a boil and add the gelatine or the Agar Agar. If using Agar Agar make sure your reach a total boil so that it can dissolve completely. If at a high altitude where water boils before 100 C (212 F), use the micro wave to reach the melting temperature.

Pour gradually the milk mix into the chocolate and mix with a "Maryse" as if making a Ganache. With an egg beater beat the cream to become soft and solid. It should be similar in appearance to white eggs. Once the temperature of the chocolate mix has come down o about 45 C (115 F), gradualy and gently mix the beaten cream into the chocolate. Bring it to a uniform color and texture. Leave in the fridge for at leats 12 hours.

This is the only "Mousse" that does not suffer from being frozen.

Chocolate Tartelettechoco-tart-inside

There are 2 conponents in the delicious chococlate treat. The crust and the ganache.

The crust

In order to create a pleasant texture and taste, the crust must be crunchy but not too dry. I recommend to create a dough with almonds. 


Flour: 350 Gr or 12.3 oz
Almonds: 60Gr or 2.1oz
Butter: 180gr or 6.4 oz

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Hot chocolate cup

Hot chocolate

A hot chocolate drink with creamy texture, strong flavors and a long lasting after-taste is easy to make. It is also easy to adjust to your special taste.


  • 6 to 7 dinner spoons  of dark chocolate palets 60% cacao or more
  • 3 dinner spoon of Whole powdered milk
  • 1 dinner spoon of Soya flour, or other flour
  • 2 dinner spoons of Sugar cane
  • 1 tea spoon of Vanilla extract
  • 1/2 pound (250Gr) of milk

The sugar can be advantageously replaced by chestnut honey. Potential flavors include, mint, coffee, oregano, pepper etc..

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